Torsdagsanalysen - en ny podcast

Ny podcast på engelsk! A political podcast, Torsdagsanalysen is hosted by Theodor and Anton every Thursday. They want to make political analysis and critical thinking more widespread.

The medium to carry out this effort is comedy and an attempt at making the listener understand what's going on in the world in a hopefully less tense and slighty more fun environment, even when we cover genuinely serious issues.

First episode:

The war in Ukraine has been perhaps the biggest political news in at least a decade, and certainly the biggest in 2022. In this episode, we attempt to highlight some of the media coverage regarding the conflict, as well as the effects of the war in Europe and elsewhere.
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2. episode:

As climate issues are brought forward onto the political stage, we discuss whether enough is being done, whether politicians listen to climate scientists and whether they are to be trusted in the first place.
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